no respect for white boys who circlejerk logic and rationality as a virtue above all else

"Avant-garde music is sort of research music. You’re glad someone’s done it but you don’t necessarily want to listen to it."

Brian Eno (via xaqly)

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dude rig is so fucking heavy rn. i sound like a demon, its making my scalp tingle and. i need to get good shots next time i do a show and have good light cause got damn. 

  • a/b/y > a: muff> small clone> vtm 60 low gain input
  • b:micropog>effect out> peavey ss 1x15 bass combo, dry out> vtm 120 high gain input

    fun stuff. also get my traynor today woooo
Anonymous asked:
I'll just right to it: I love doom, my lady loves that cradle of filth type grind. Its really straining our relationship. I don't think she's ever listened to dopesmoker from start to finish, when i ask her about it she avoids the question. What should I do?



Wait til she goes out on an errand one night…while she’s gone you throw a nice arrangement of candles up in the bedroom, scatter some rose petals on the sheets, maybe get some fuckin like, aromatherapy goin’… then when she comes back throw on Black One by Sunn O))) or some other midway point on the spectrum of your tastes (Into Darkness by Winter comes to mind as well) and just go to town on each other

"dopesmoker" in its entirety is an endurance test even for doom fans. you gotta work your way up to it dude

The only thing I would change is to sub the rose petals for nuggs.

the altar split with boris